I am a two-time Olympic Canadian boxing representative – partaking in the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 games – and a professional Canadian bantam weight champion. Over nineteen years of boxing training have led me to participate in one hundred and twenty five bouts as an amateur and thirteen bouts as a professional. I have participated in a number of boxing events including the Commonwealth and Pan American games and have received numerous accolades. Apart from individual boxing, I have been highly involved in supporting emerging boxers and athletes and acting as a mentor and trainer to assist them with achieving their short-term and long-term objectives. When training other individuals, I use a specialized and unique style with a focus on leveraging physical conditioning without actual person-to-person contact. This involves a variety of training methods including hand pad work, skipping and interval training.  I am also affiliated with a number of boxing clubs across Ontario and have built a strong network with a myriad of professional colleagues and supporters.

I am the head coach of the Rock Steady Boxing Toronto program at Budo Canada. We are the first location in Canada to adopt the Rock Steady Boxing program first started in the United States. It’s main objective is to improve the quality life and help suppress the advancement of Parkinson’s.

I am a personal and group training professional with a passion for helping others achieve their overall wellness goals. I am also a guest speaker giving numerous talks at high schools and conferences, most recently with the Sikh Association.

As a Group Trainer I have achieved the following: successfully run the Boxers Against Drugs and Guns Everywhere (BADGE) program which mobilizes children and youth to embrace sport and be involved in community activities; maintained an average of 20-25 person class; developed and implemented a variety of fitness programs with a unique and personalized style that included hand pad work, skipping and interval training; maintained a high satisfaction and attendance level and regularly monitored progress for continuous improvement; and maintain sustainable fitness groups.

As a Personal Trainer, I have achieved the following: supported individuals to reach fitness and health objectives in spurt of physical and emotional challenges; increased individuals’ robustness by evaluating level of fitness and creating a structured program to reach target objectives; developed short-term and long-term fitness goals for individuals to promote health and wellness; monitored individuals progress as a tool to evaluate regimen and to motivate individuals to pursue further fitness goals.


  • Rock Steady Boxing Head Coach
  • Boxing Skills and Fitness Coach
  • 1on1 Private Training


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